Link Building

In order to have a successful website that ranks high in search engines such as Google, Yahoo! and Bing, your website must have inbound links. Inbound links are links which point from another website back to yours. Link building can be very frustrating, but here are some methods to simplify this process for you:

Directory submissions

Web directories provide great opportunities for link building. Both free submissions, and paid submission directories exist. We highly recommend a combination of both!

Paid Directories: Try to find a paid directory in your field (a great example of this would be for those in the legal field) that places highly in searches. It should be ranking in spots 1-5 in natural results for generic search terms like “find a lawyer”. These directories are generally well worth the money for a basic listing that will point back to your website. Don’t feel like you need to pay tons of money for a premier listing- most of these directories offer basic listings with your company’s main information and a link back to your website, for an affordable fee… That’s all you need!

Free Directories Submit to as many free directories as will list your website. I’ve provided a list with links back to some of the directories we use to get you started!
Popular Internet Links directory focused on humor, entertainment, news, Medical, Real Estate, Travel,Fitness, Music and Graphics.

Free Links Directory

The SEO King

A Big Dir

Free Web Directory – Add Your Link
The Little Web Directory

Free Website Directory

The Pegasus Directory
UK Business Directory
Your number one resource for the business to business services

In addition to general directories such as those listed above that list all types of business, you also need to list your website in directories that target you field specifically! Here are some examples of directories in our field- website services!

Preferred firm in the Small Business Web Designers category at

Featured in the Xemion Website Design directory

Web Design Directory
Your number one resource for the design / creative industry

Web Development

Web Masters Lookup